Videography Course

Our full course objective is to make the student a complete professional videographer.

It equips the learner with the skills to: analyse captured images, name and operate sophisticated cameras and lighting equipment, to plan, direct and carry out any type of photo shoot session and to process and package images satisfactorily for all types of clients.

This course also equips the student with business skills to start off a successful career in photography.

Videography Course Outline

Part One (Camera work)

1. Orientation
2. Introduction
3. Video equipment and handling
4. Shot Composition
5. Production(Practical)
6. Shutter speed, white balance and ISO
7. Lighting and Lighting equipment
8. Production(Practical)
9. Sound Recording
10. Field Work

Part Two (Editing)

1. Introduction to editing
2. Different types of edits
3. Color Correction
4. Sound and image synchronization
5. Exporting and finalizing a project
6. Reporting and Media
7. Script Writing
8. Graduation

Class Modalities

This is a 8 week(s) course. The course is divided into two sessions taken on different days of the week to allow for practical assignments. The videography classes take place every Tuesdays and Thursdays. Day classes from 11am – 2pm and Evening classes from 6pm – 9pm at our studio which is located at Hazina Towers on 9th Floor.


  • 2 Passport sizes photos & a copy of the ID
  • Passion for videography

Tuition Fee

  • Registration Fee – KSh. 1,500
  • Field day – KSh. 1,000
  • Evening Classes – KSh. 43,000
  • Special / Day Classes – KSh. 67,500
  • Saturday Classes – KSh. 67,500
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