Versatile School of Photography students field day

Field work in any photography school is very important; it gives students an opportunity to learn the actual photography. In addition, students are able to sharpen their skills by applying theoretical class work to what they will use in the future as professional photographers.


Versatile School of Photography offers the best platform and unforgettable experience to students. The school allows upcoming photographers to interact with their facilitators and other established photographers in the country. Ideally, field work gives students hands on experience in photography which is essential for every student.

The field day

Waking up in the morning is not everybody’s strong suit; however, photographers need to be disciplined when it comes to stepping out before the sun comes up. The students surprised the facilitators with their urge to learn new stuff that morning. Anyway, some of them were still sleeping and slowly adapting to the new experience which was a hard nut to crack, but they had to face life you know.


One of the most important aspects in photography is light, and Versatile School places a huge consideration on the fact that outdoor photography must be complemented with the best lighting skills since lighting can make or break a photograph.


A photographer might have the most incredible landscape or stunning portrait model, but without the right quality of light you can still be left with a flat, dull, and uninspiring photo.


In the field, the students were given the advantage of using natural light to illuminate their subject and establish perfect landscape photography at Uhuru Park.


Most people prefer calling the early hours as ‘magic space’. The space allows you to create incredible pictures and the students did not disappoint. Each student got great landscape photos of Nairobi city and the most jovial moment was the sunrise.

Mid day

From Uhuru Park, the students went straight to Ever-green along Kiambu road. Well, after breakfast. The park is big and it allows students to come up with a good number of ideas and shots. In addition, there’s a manmade lake, so you can shoot something on the lake with your bazooka.


The facilitators went through the whole course work with the students at the field, but outdoor lighting was prioritized because of the harsh rays.


Somebody said;”If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen”. The mid day sunlight was not friendly and our photographers had to capture the best photos, those that were unable to get clear pictures, they stepped out. Ideally, bright midday sun is one of the most challenging types of light and it’s hard to expose properly. We’re talking blown out highlights, harsh shadows, squinty subjects etc.


The first thing that the students were taken through is ISO; it’s important to play around with the ISO to be able to get good photos. Another skill was on lighting; shaping, bouncing, blocking, and even adding it back afterwards.

Using a reflector, the students were able to bounce light, filling in shadows caused by an overhead light source. Generally, they were able to beat the light with the help of our skilled facilitators.


After the photo taking marathon, the videographers were given a chance to interview the students. Now, the close ups, establishment shots were involved. Anyway, in video you need to watch the clips; it was professional.


After the field work, the photos were reviewed in the studio and the motion pictures were also edited. Students shared their testimonials with the facilitators and we ate late lunch.

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