Versatile Photographers – more than a family

I belong in a family that works tirelessly to get ‘work done’. A team that builds relationships across East Africa; this is a family that every Kenyan would want to be associated with. We are guided by the spirit of teamwork and perfection.


From right, Hashtag Square, Edwin Machuka and Moust at the Kenya Photography awards

Here are some of the qualities that push every Versatile Photographers employees to report to work every morning.


I have never seen a committed team like Versatile Photographers employees. Maybe I am just blowing smoke or pulling a PR stunt. And, our esteemed clients hold the positive sentiment because they give us the best feedback.

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Versatile Photographers team celebrating Hashtag’s and Kevin’s graduation


We are always willing to go the extra mile whether to achieve company goals or make our way up the corporate ladder. We don’t shirk from putting our best because we set goals and high expectations for ourselves. Our ambition opens up, creative ideas, and a go-getter attitude – the traits always take our company to greater heights.

Servant leadership and humbleness

We train ourselves and mentor one another to achieve a common goal. Versatile family doesn’t have superiors and inferiors – we treat each other as my brothers and sisters. As a team, we clean the chaff and honor good work. Essentially, nobody likes someone who boasts or brags about their accomplishments.


Versatile photographers team in the field


Commitment and passion

We love photography and video. Everybody in the company is either a professional photographer or editor. In addition, we house the best artsy skills, hence the name Versatile. Everybody in the office is always willing to do more than what’s required; we constantly exceed expectations and happily accept any task or project, however difficult it may be.


Dennis shooting a documentary


We have one of the best corporate image. Each employee can represent the business in a way that conveys a good impression to clients. In addition, our company uniform is the best.



What could be more irritating than an employee who does not follow directions? Either he is not as serious as he should be or did not listen attentively when the instructions were given. Mr. Macharia, our team leader sets aside time to make sure that our clients are satisfied. On the other end, my colleagues are always tied to their desks to get work done.


Lutta; a renown video personality training Versatile team


There’s beauty in self-drive. As a team we possess the stamina to perform outstanding work and usually, we work hard consistently. We don’t always have to worry about slack or lost hours since we are work driven.


Team spirit

We celebrate as a team and implement idea as a house. As scholars would say, “it’s not only essential to perform well as individuals, but also as a member of the team. To do well in a team requires patience, tolerance, and good social skills. Team efforts are associated with many advantages: work gets done faster and is more likely to get done when more people are involved, relations among employees improve, and members of the team learn from each other’s characters, feedback and contributions to the team.”






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