Versatile Photographers field day

The beauty about photography & video study is that the learner gets a golden chance to nurture, explore its nature & test his knowledge ability besides the theoretical level of learning. Versatile school of photography and video gives the students a suitable and an appealing platform to sharpen their skills and to ignite the spark of their passion in photography. With a golden chance to interact with tutors,challenge oneself and criticize each individuals work.Baring in mind that the man on top of the mountain didn’t just fall there.His accomplishment started with the decision to ‘TRY’.














Just like any other man,A photographer would be no different either.

Not everyone who buys the idea to wake up at dawn,leave the comfort zone & strive to gather some fortune.

But with the understanding that Greatness is only achieved beyond your comfort zone,we desire to achieve with the slogan to rise early,work hard and strike the oil.

Our students follow the trend & at the end of he day they like the results.

With the comparison of different images from different settings all the way from sunset to the sunset.


An image is not an image without the greatest fundamental of photography which is the Clarity of the subject.






How you place your objects within the frame allows your viewers to se the scene in an uncluttered organization that highlights major aspects on the scene.


Now we later on land to Evergreen Park and just as its name suggests,An Land of tranquility with Ample space, Abudant parking lodge and a lot to capture.

This ensures that our students think out of the box for creativity purposes.


During the field work,students get a chance to utilize the natural light to try capture images,spot out the difference as from the appearance.

With Improvised sources of light such as reflectors,students would still yearn to take as many photos for further comparison.

Later on, our very own videographers got a chance to Interview themselves and get to know how their experience has been, the challenges and the good times as well.


OOPS!And the day is just over.

Nevertheless we’ve got a lot to take back thome and major stories to tell from the experience.

We get back to our studios to analyse all images we have been capturing all day.

We get more testimonials from our students and absorb in all critics as well.DAV_2002DAV_2472

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