Versatile Mentorship Workshop Nakuru.

Due to the change of job market in Kenya. Many young people are graduating from college and unable to secure a sustainable job in the current job market. They have have amazing ideas and the just need a helping hand that can package them to a business that can meet global market standards.

David Macharia a renowned photographer and Sammy Kamau a Makeup artist are willing to share their journey and advice these young people on how they can improve their creative skills.

They will share their skills in makeup and photography and everyone is welcome to come and experience the different services which include:- Family portraits, maternity photoshoot, baby photoshoot, and portfolio making.

This will take place at Oleken Hotel Nakuru whereby we have secured two conference rooms for makeup and photography training.

Following is the program of the event:

Day One: 22nd February 2019.

Photography Business.
– Introduction to different genres of photography.
– Business in portrait photography and events.

Makeup and Skin care.
– Know your skin type
– Common skin problems.
– Makeup products knowledge.
– Product ingredients.
– Basis makeup application.

Day Two: 23rd February 2019
Introduction to creative economy.
– Personal branding for creatives.
– How to run, Operate and market a sustainable creative business.
– Open forum and networking.

Day Three 24th February 2019.
Photoshoot and Makeup.
– Family portraits.
– Portfolios
– Mounts & frames.

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