Types of Camera Shots in Video Production

Did you know that there are different kinds of shots used when shooting a video and every shot has a purpose in video production? You don’t just shoot you have to composed your video creatively so as to tell your story.

The first shot is extreme wide shot, this is where the view of an image is too fur giving details of the subject be it a building or People. This shot is also referred to as an establishment shot where once it appears on your screen you are able to identify the subject instantly.

Wide shot is another common type of shot used during the video production by most camera men to bring creativity. This shot the subject is usually closer than the extreme wide shot and the subject takes up the full frame of the screen. For instance if you had showed an extreme wide shot of a town you now focus on a certain building or street name.

Another shot used in video production is Close up shot, here the videographer mainly focuses deeply on the subject. If it’s a person you concentrate from the waist upwards or even from the shoulders upwards this could be when a person is talking.

Extreme close up is where you focus on a specific point of the subject, if you taking someone giving a speech you can focus on his watch just to avoid the monotony of one view. Apart from these shots there is cut away shot usually something other than the main focus.

Two shot is where two subjects are composed in one shot, for instance people presenting a song together you can decide to put a two shot view. Others include over the shoulders shot, point of view among others.

So as a good videographer always ensure that your shots are well composed and use as many shots as possible to bring creativity. Creativity in video production is what decides whether the video is interesting nor not.

Story by:
Tyson Kiiru

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