Tips for photographing wedding accessories

Photographing wedding rings or any other accessory is one of the most critical parts in wedding photography. Most photographers don’t always put much emphasis on this and they end up disappointing their clients. Let’s say, the bride treasures the diamond ring that graced the occasion. However, the photographer manages to get only a single boring shot of the ring. I tell you what, the bride will not be happy with your services because the small finer details uplifts a persons happiness and adds value to the photographer’s creativity.

If you want to be best at everything as far as wedding photography is concerned, apply these simple wedding rings photography tips.


Macro lens

If you have a macro lens, don’t use it to capture all the insects that fly all over your house – this lens is an asset for every wedding photographer because photographing small details like the rings requires a macro lens. The lens allows a photographer to get details of the tiniest of diamonds with beautiful clarity and shine.



Many people like blurring the background just to differentiate themselves from amateurs. If you have a good lens, you can shoot at approximately f/9. The setting closes down enough to ensure that all parts of both rings are in complete focus, but still wide enough to allow a bit of fall off; and blurred out backgrounds. Occasionally, you can use wide shots.


Ring kit

According to Ericah Kay, every photographer should have kit that has;

  • the two LED flashlights mentioned above
  • dental wax
  • a variety of sparkly and textured scrapbook paper
  • random sparkly objects
  • two strings of battery-operated Christmas lights
  • a glass prism
  • a glass convex lens
  • a hand mirror

Put the rings on stuff

If your clients are having a wedding in which there is a major theme, consider incorporating aspects of this theme into your ring shots. For example, if it’s a Maasai wedding; you can include the Maasia shuka or colors in the shot.


This will create a sense of belonging and the newly weds will have something to relate to. In addition, you can also think about the environment and the flowery gardens that can be used to enhance your shots.


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