Tips for baby bump photography

Baby bump photography is an art that many people have not mastered. As Versatile Photographers we always create a good relationship with families. We walk with families from engagement, marriage, baby bump and family shoots. This has made us the best in the photography industry. Below are some of the tips you need to consider when shooting a baby bump:

Hands position  

Most models don’t always know where to put their hands. However, it’s very natural for an expecting lady to want to touch the bump. This is really effective in drawing attention to her belly and giving her a place to put those hands. The hands can also be placed on the hips and waist.


Ensure the shoot is natural

Never complicate stuff in the studio when shooting a Mama. When she looks down at her belly, make sure her head isn’t completely tilted at a weird angle – it can look unnatural and create a double chin.  Have her fixate on a point slightly away from her bump.



Pictures tell a story and the models should be comfortable taking the photos. Before the shoot, give the expecting couple a brief on how the shoot will be and make them good actors. You can also make the model smile to create a happy environment.


Shoot the couple together

Have the couple touch on each other as close as possible. Try to get full body, half body and close ups of both of them together so that they can create a romantic scene. Basic couple posing can work well here, and if the belly gets in the way just go with it, usually it will make them laugh.



Composition is very important and as a family photographer, you should have a creative eye. In baby bump photography, play with your composition, color, angles, and breaking rules…especially if you are working with two adults that will take direction.



If you are shooting a big family, make sure other family members are included in the photo. Just remember to keep the bump present and try to flatter mom as much as possible. Pets can be a great addition to maternity pictures.


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