These tips will help you come up with the best family portraits

Families are strengthened by the memories they keep and these memories can be documented in a photo album. Every kid likes viewing their childhood smiles and physic. Ordinarily, most parents don’t always keep these memories or share past stories to their kids.


On the other end, it’s not easy to get the best family portraits; most photographers tend to make many mistakes when shooting family or composing family members. Below are a number of tips that can help you be a guru in family photography:


Be the director

Sometimes it’s hard to direct some family members since senior members can be naughty. Working with a large group of people can be a bit trying so prepare to be patient and assertive will help in getting a handle of things. When you’ve got everyone ready don’t be afraid to reel of a dozen or so shots or use the burst mode to ensure you have at least one frame with everyone is paying attention.


Eye contact and creativity is very important because the eye speaks a lot about a person. So, a photographer needs to come up with a way that creative shots are captured through eye contact and body movement. In short, direct your models creatively.


Be fun

Here is the thing, don’t be a comedian. You need to be flexible and engage your clients because that’s the only way you can get those candid moments and exemplary shots. Putting your models at ease is the first step so fire a few pictures in a comfortable or familiar environment. This will help to lend character and narrative to the piece.


Make good use of light

You don’t need to break the bank in the name of buying the best lights from your dealer, use the most flattering and cheapest form of light like the sun light or your flash. Place your clients facing or parallel to a clean window, if it is a particularly bright day cover it with a thin veil of material, such as a net curtain or peg a white cotton sheet across to act as a diffuser for softer, more flattering light. If you decide to use flash indoors, perhaps employ a diffuser to soften the effect and avoid bleaching skin or flattening textures.


Employing props or furniture

Some houses have amazing pieces of art and artsy paintings on the walls. A creative photographer would employ these things in order to come up with amazing backgrounds and stories. For example a chair is not just for sitting, one could stand on it, crawl underneath it, lean on it, you could pose several children on it at one time etc.


Never use the kawaida shots

Strive to be original and look for more inspirational angles. Climb a ladder or chair and shoot facing downwards. This is great if you have a large group or want to get more creative with positioning. Alternatively hit the deck and lie with you back on the ground and shoot straight up into the middle of huddle.

Last but not least, compliment your client, make them smile.

Image credits: David Macharia


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