I realized my passion for cameras back in Form Three.I had gotten an opportunity to handle a small digital camera from my Dad and this got me going. My first breakthrough came when I won in a competition organized by the Standard Media Group.Seeing myself in the newspaper kicked me in a way that my mind shifted greatly to cameras and how they work.After finishing high school, I sought through the internet the best photography schools in Nairobi and boom!I came across the Versatile School of Photography.Ever since,my life has changed. I have gotten to interact with professionals who have nurtured my ability to handle photographic equipment.My passion has grown to a greater height.The people have been very friendly here and this has influenced my confidence in doing what I do best. I’ve learnt many things which when out there, I’m sure they will work very well for me. It’s been a great journey full of adventures and experiences.Versatile has been my bedrock for skills and I’m happy to be an alumni here.Soon, I’m pretty sure my name will be somewhere,and all that credit will be for Versatile School of Photography. Joining Versatile is among the best decisions I ever made.

Ignatius Koech

My name is Ian Kinuthia  a student at Versatile School of Photography. I first learnt about Versatile school through social media after 2017 elections (when Githeri man became famous).

I had  interest in knowing all about photography and since i had a passion in photography, I joined Versatile School of Photography whereby the school has changed all my photography skills as i compare how i am today from the past.

Versatile school of photography made me improve on my work specifically on how to deal and retain my clients, how to edit my photos, how to finish and deliver my work in time, how to use my Camera using the rule of thirds  and also how to create good relationship with everyone not only on work matters.

In addition, I really appreciate and give thanks to the versatile school staff for their support onto me and and everyone in general.  Without forgetting Mr. David Macharia, he has been a good tutor to me, more supportive and also caring. May God bless him.

Ian Kinuthia
My experience in versetile school of  photography has been nothing short of  amazing, it is one thing to research, read, and watch YouTube videos about photography and camaras and another to actually be in a physical class where you get to touch the cameras, equipments,ask questions and get real time answers and experiences. This opportunity is what versatile school has given Me, the classes are very interactive, well organized and i have learnt so much in two months than i could have ever learnt in a 2 or 3 year  university program. The school offers business opportunities, advice and is very big on mentorship and the overall growth of photographers and creatives in the country. I am very glad that i made the choice to come to versatile school of photography because the knowledge and relationships that i have aquired is sure to help me grow in my career and business activities.
Thank you.

Trizer. T. Adhiambo
Trizer. T. Adhiambo