Teens Photography Boot Camp

In a constantly dynamic environment, having basic essential life skills is a large part of being able to meet the challenges of everyday. The years from 9 to 19 are a critical stage for young people; they build on the experiences of childhood and generate the foundations for adulthood. During this period, each young person has a number of key tasks to undertake. How well each of these is mastered affects the degree of success each of them will experience in their adult life.

In order to thrive young people require a range of personal attributes and competencies that support them to  make positive life choices.

Teen Photography Boot Camp is a Photography and life-skills training program designed for Preteenagers and teenagers aged 9 to 19 years old. It provides a range of activities that promote photography skills and opportunities for the teens to refine this skill, while also learning important life skills such as decision-making, personal etiquette and branding, career guidance and Photography as a technical skill.

Teen Photography Boot Camp is designed to be interactive, engaging, and fun filled, it engages qualified and  experienced facilitators who will instruct and mentor.

The main objectives of this program is to provide:

  • A structured program that promotes skills development for the teens.
  • Repetition of technical skills that are essential in the development of teenagers and youth.
  • An enjoyable and exciting experience in every learning session.
  • Emphasize skill development in a non-competitive environment that encourages teenagers to flourish
    while focusing on skill development.
  • Emphasize quality and long-term benefits rather than short-term gain, within an age-appropriate
    development process.
  • A constructive and safe space to spend time during the holiday.

This program will take place:

  • When: 5th to 8th December 2017
  • Time: 9.00am to 4.00pm. (Lunch and 10 o’clock tea shall be provided.)
  • Where: Statehouse Primary School.
  • Investment: Ksh 7000.
  • Paybill no: 565276

Limited slots remaining call, Please get in touch to book your slot by calling Versatile School of Photography 0722623596




I am a Creative & Performing Artist, Effective Communication, Soft Skills & Self Awareness Trainer & Coach.

Join Regina -Re for the versatile boot camp as I share about personal branding and etiquette.


Better Pixels Photography seeks to improve on the skill & talent of Kenyan young upcoming photographers, join Gibson Maina as her shares his life skill during the versatile boot camp.


Hellen functions in a practical teaching intimate space, runs an accomplished youth practice, youth mentorship groups, and works with the Youth, their parents and guardians and respective institutions to transform their conflicts and issues, by paying attention to their stories. Hellen is a staunch believer of purposeful living, strategic thinking and the art of possibility in every situation. She is convinced that there is so much more possible than people ordinarily think.


The decision to pursue a career in professional photography starts with a passion for capturing the moment. The commitment to succeed at it requires more from your heart. Versatile school of photography is offer a chance to become a photographer during the Versatile boot camp.


Hafla Entertainment offers entertainment at its best!!!

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