Sports Photography

Sports Photography Tips

Sports Photography Tips

Over the years Kenyans always embrace new technology and skills. From money market, media, agribusiness, internet, hands on skills like photography, bike riding. This has been made possible because of the internet in our country and we being open to learn. As a photographer am always ready to learn new skills and this time I learnt about the speed bike racing event through Andrew Kibe’s Facebook page. I talked to a few students from Versatile School Of Photography and we decided to attend and learn more about sports photography. As always we researched how to capture the best creative photos that will show case our photography skills. We all did a self drive so as to familiarize with the venue.

The event was beyond our expectation when we discovered how well organized it was with NTSA on board. I have not seen many classic bikers together before. When doing sports photography, it is advisable to look for a strategic place before the event starts and and for speed bikes you have to consider a secure place. Last year one of the Kenyan photographer was involved in accident while trying to get a good shot.

Here are few tips  to learn when shooting sports.

Dress Comfortably

Always dress on comfortable clothes because there will be a lot of lying down, running and squatting. Check out with the weather focus and never forget a rain coat for yourself and the gears. A reflecting yellow or orange top always gives good visibility.

Choose Correct Camera Gear

Different sports have different kinds of shots to be taken. While shooting bikes telephoto lens will come in handy as well as the mini zoom for panning shots. Charge your batteries to avoid looking for power to recharge. If you have more than one gear it is always good to have an assistant to help you out as you concentrate with shooting.


During sports time, patience is of essence and as a photographer, is always good to include eyes of your subject. Make sure we can recognize the rider or a player when we see the image, wait for them to turn around.

Choose a Strategic Location

Its always good to be punctual, arrive before the event starts to locate places for different angles. Take note of where the sun is and make sure the sun is always on your back when shooting. This will ensure you have your shutter speed on it’s maximum.

Be Different

All the years sports images have similarity and with the latest gears and technology you have so much to explore like aerial shots with drone, allow your creativity to flourish and capture something that everyone else doesn’t have.

Involve fans

Its always good to agree with events managers on which position to strategize yourself to get images of the crowd. For publication  purposes  you will need to show how the event was attended, whether its a stadium full of cheering fans, the surroundings present unique opportunities to capture the spirit of the game without shooting the action itself.


Most upcoming photographers might not have telephoto lens for sports photography but just a basic camera with a kit lens, captures amazing panning shot. The secret is trying different shutter speed depending how fast is your subject and lock the focus.

Here are more images during the Open Track Day

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David Macharia Mwangi
Versatile School Of Photography
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