Have you heard of the Hashtag #SHOWYOURLOVE this valentines? This year we want to make your valentines special and  more memorable than any other. Kenya National Blood Transfusion service whose mandate is to collect, test and process and distributing blood across our hospital in collaboration with CateChris limited, Digital humanitarian and our team Versatile school of photographers to bring you how to celebrate this valentine in a special way by showing your love to people you even don’t know neither met.

#SHOWYOURLOVE is an initiative from the KNBTS and other partners to help people show their love through blood donating changing the culture of the old valentine of only sharing flowers, gift cards and other gifts with friends, relatives or even family. The event will be happening  from 8Am to 6pm at KICC and this time will be sharing our love through donating blood. This will not only be happening in Nairobi county but across other counties, our appeal is that as much as we will be enjoying ourselves,visiting your county donation centre donate since someone is in need of our help.

Kenya has always had blood shortage in our hospitals, with this initiative we are saving thousands of lives in need of the blood.#SHOWYOURLOVE to that child,mother,father who really need that blood.The best part about  donating blood the is that you don’t have to pay anything, its absolutely for free.At times people have fears of donating blood since of the myths and misconception they may have heard from different people thus holding back their generosity to give and safe a life. Once you come to donate blood you are guided on how to ensure the entire process is effective and also that your health is safe.

Kenyans were are known for our generosity therefore our appeal to all Kenyans is that lets come out in large numbers and spread the love more differently this year  even to people who never know.Pass by with your partner to your nearest  blood donating centre and show your love as well  and after that your can go enjoy the rest of your day with loved ones.

Today all we are doing is showing the love through blood doesn’t matter your tribe, religion or color we are one Kenya binded by love for each other, let’s donate blood and save a life, #SHOWYOURLOVE through donating.

Story by
Tyson Kiiru

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