Photographer’s 2019 Bucket List

Another year is over and we are thankful to all our students for the amazing time we have had with them. From interactive lessons, amazing field trips, powerful events and intriguing switch to employees. We have not only taught young photographers but have also learnt a lot as we enrolled some pretty brilliant minds. Otherwise, as we close this wonderful journey and welcome a New Year, we have some tips to help you take photos better in 2019. Here is a list of equipment that most of you might ignore as photographers but definitely need to capture better frames.

  1. Light Meter.

You have probably never seen a light meter for they are not as common as say softboxes or speedlights in the local photography industry. They can however be some very useful tools especially if you are planning to get into corporate or advertising genre of photography not forgetting fashion photography. Basically, light meters are small devices that are used to calculate the best exposure for a photograph. Many of them measure the ambient light and help you determine the shutter speed, ISO and aperture that you should use for a particular photo. Most times, what you see on a camera screen is not the actual result you will get on a photo and don’t want to spend all night editing photos for mistakes you could have avoided. Good thing they don’t cost an arm and a leg hence you can get on Jumia at 6,000 Kshs.

      2. Camera Holsters.

The generic camera straps that come with the box are not the most friendly ones for the field. Some of them can be too short especially for weddings and others can make you uncomfortable as they are best placed on the neck unless of course you get a customized one. The best way to help you get the best and easiest not forgetting convenient solution for this problem is by buying camera holsters. They are not only longer and safer but they ensure you also don’t get shoulder pains at the end of that ruracio shoot. You can check them out in so many camera stores in Nairobi in many models and sizes.

     3.Battery Grips.

A photographer cannot have enough batteries and camera manufacturers understand this very well. That is why many semi-professional and professional camera models have battery grips for them. They not only allow you to have an extra back up battery but also help you to save up on time for changing battery or having to charge in the middle of assignments. In this time that photographers are being robbed left, right and center; put some money aside and invest in a battery grip so that you never have to part with your gear during events. They are only about 6,000 Kshs in most camera shops.

      4.Camera Bag.

Many photographers put their gear in the ordinary bags that we have. They do not think that if any thing happens, their cameras or lenses might be damaged. Camera bags are however manufactured with the right padding which ensures that even if the bag falls then the equipment is safe. Many camera bags also happen to be water proof in case it rains or you travel to a place with more humidity. Many models even have a place for your laptop and compartments for your lenses, triggers, harddisks, filters, batteries and speedlights. They range from 5,000- 40,000 Kshs depending on what you want. In 2019, you can avoid fixing costs by having the right bag.


        5.Remote Shutter Release.

When you are shooting sports, street photography or even events; you may want to avoid camera shake or accidental blurring. This can work well with a remote shutter release in conjuction with a tripod which helps you take a shot without physically touching the camera body. There are two types, wired and wireless but despite which one you get; they can make your work very easily because all you have to do is compose the shot and click.


So there you have it. Five essential gear that many ignore even though they are very important in photography. As you celebrate the achievements you’ve made this year, you better open an account and start saving for these because you definitely want to earn more and get better results. A debt of gratitude to you all for the support and have a fulfilling and blissful new year. Cheers to you all and happy shooting.

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