Obama Portrait

Obama Portrait For Schools

David is a prolific, renowned accredited photographer based in Nairobi city, Kenya. His passion and dream in photography later turned out to be a reality during Obamas visit to Kenya in the year 2015.

When Obama came to the country he was commissioned the photography assignment by the White House to cover his presence at Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) while there he got to learn from, Daymond John, the Amazon team, Akon and our local leaders like Bob Collymore from Safaricom.

As I was the official photographer I managed to have a notebook on the side that I used to record every inspiring thought that was shared from the symposiums or panelists. I could relate it to my business. Since I was already running a business which already had a mentorship program to teach other people professional photography I got a higher demand and this is how Versatile School of Photography begun. Here we train hands on skills and entrepreneurship in photography business.

The Versatile school of photography students and him came up with an art where they share pictures on social media. The project has evolved to donating the images to schools with motivating captions on them. Some of the schools they have donated to include, Mpesa Foundation Academy where we offer mentorship in photography skills, Chania Primary School and Njabini Primary School where David schooled.

We plan to give as many schools as possible to empower and encourage the youth that the time to shine is now because we are now in a global village.

The Obama portrait is also available for sale printed in high quality canvas for institutions, offices, libraries, hubs, NGOs and the like at a cost of USD 450 Dollars. The funds go to Versatile School Of Photography  to support informal settlement youths to learn photography and entrepreneurship skills so that they can transform their lives by being self-sufficient.

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