Nairobits Graduation 2017

Friday marked yet another graduation ceremony for Nairobits organization where more than a hundred students from of class of 2017 graduated. Nairobits is an organization that aims at changing lives of underprivileged youths and those from informal sectors through Information Communication Technology, Entrepreneur and life skills.

The organization was established back in 1999 and has trained over 7000 students who are mainly from informal settlement within Nairobi. This year’s graduation more than 100 grandaunts finished their training at Digital garage and the media lab categories.

Madam Magdalene, who is the managing director at Nairobits, awarded the students their certificates and also encouraged the students to use the skills they learn during their training. Creating your own opportunity and becoming self-employed was the key emphasis from other speakers to the students.

Apart from motivating the students, some of the best students in both categories were given different awards as a way of appreciating them. Some of those who received awards have come up with brilliant ideas, one of who has invented an application for ordering a motorbike within Nairobi city. He says this will help reduce the hustle for waiting for a motorbike as well as reduce the time one takes from one place to another.

Nairobits also has a programme, Nairobits trust which seeks to raise over 250,000 Kenyan shillings by January next year. The programme is all about empowering people especially those living in the slum and transforming their lifestyle. So far they have raised over 170,000 Kenyan shillings and have transformed many lives within a short time they started.

Nairobits says that they are dedicated in transforming as many lives as possible to see that those from informal sector also get recognized by the society. They say through this cases of unemployment and crime which are associated with people from informal sectors will reduce.

Story by:
Tyson Kiiru

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