Nairobi #TheEnkare City Under the Sun

Kenyans are a hard-working lot, and this picture is a glimpse of their resilience. Barely 100 years old, Nairobi city has grown to be the modern sea of lights that it is. With the back born of Kenya being agriculture, This City Under the Sun has grown from the hard work of people who believe that working together will make life easier for them than if they do so individually and the flood of lights is a reflection of this.


This magnificent skyline of Nairobi city is home to thousands of Kenyan businesses highlighting some of the city’s most important work and industrial streets such as Moi avenue, Koinange street and Kimathi street, that hold majority of cities SME’s, and large companies. The future is brighter for this night; technology, commerce, specialization, services, healthcare, food establishments, education…are all on the rise. Nairobi is truly one of the best places to do business in now.

This pictures’ warm tone truly gives a welcoming, calming, breathe taking feeling. One would say that this is a true description of what it’s like to be in the city of Nairobi and is what any visitor coming into the country would experience from our friendly people, places, food, and entertaining nightlife.

This exclusive photo has 25 pieces printed on high quality canvas size 1 metre by 2 metres, with 4 already sold and 21 remaining. The cost of the image is $1200 and proceeds from the sale  will sponsor deserving students to study Professional Photography, Film making and entrepreneural skills at Versatile School Of Photography.

Below is the list of the clients who have purchased

  • Eric Wainaina-Musician Kenya
  • Versatile Photographers – Kenya
  • Nairobi Art Buyers Exhibition
  • Phillip Chikwiramakomo – Zimbabwe

This picture was taken by David Macharia, December 2016.

David Macharia is a renowned East African Photographer, his most recognized work is being the official photographer of the Obama Visit to Kenya as a sitting US president. He is credited as having changed the photography business in East Africa by starting the Photographers Association of Kenya (PAK), as well as the first school offering hands-on skills in photography in Kenya that attracts students from all over Africa. He is also the lead photographer at Versatile Photographers.

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