My Wild,My Pride,My Life

Recently, I had a chance to explore Africa’s leading Wildlife site renamed The Tsavo National Park. With the consistent resolve of learning more about the cradles of the wild and to be precise ,The‘ELEPHANTS’.


I had a lot to unearth during my stay,With the surrounding of the tranquil environment and vast herds of dust-red elephants.It came to my attention that over the past years there had been a deep and serious diminish of elephants’ species having been said that in the 21st century there were more than 350 species of the same.


Did You Know?

.Just like us,Elephants bond with close related family

members.They live in tight matriarchal family



.The Males leave their families at tender ages of between 12 and 15 years to either live solitary lives or temporal lives with their fellow males.


.That Elephants are the only majestic animals with a high sense of intelligence in the whole world.

.The shocking bit for me was that an elephant can communicate over long distances by producing a subsonic’ rumble that ideally travels over the ground faster than sound through air.

My trip was a blast having toured all day round the park,and having executed my mission.





I couldn’t just cease this moment of curiosity.Now comes the moment of a bitter end to our precious wild.It is so sad to witness an elephant innocently lying dead and yet a poacher just rifles with her Ivory.The tusks are brutally chopped off just to intensify an entire Illegal Ivory trade worth billions of dollars.I wish we would all feel the pinch and join hands to conserve our prestigious wild.

Our children and their grand’s need reservation of a better tomorrow and we all need an instantaneous boost in the tourism sector.

My passion for the wild, also got me attend a recent ivory burning ceremony hosted by his excellency, President Uhuru Kenyatta at the Nairobi National Park.


I had a lot to take home and to discover that 80% of this deaths are caused by natural deaths and conflicts.What took me to surprise is that also Kenya has reduced 105 tonnes of ivory light year.

The presidents’ remarkable words was that”For

us,Ivory is worthless unless it is on our elephants”


Under all circumstances,I strongly believe that there shall be a strong Wit from some that we’re doing wrong.Let us not wait to perish having lacked knowledge.We instead could use the approximate 150$ Million dollars that they claim the ivory is worth to develop our nation and to eradicate poverty.”

To his conclusion ,is that what is being done to conserve our diversity is little compared to the cumulative threats to our environment today.


This is a plead call to all to cause positive change,before it is too late.

“We cannot afford to loose our Elephants and Rhinos which are the key part of our heritage. ”


My wild, My Life, My Pride



Photography: David Macharia

Story: Sharon Faith

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