Versatile Photography Class

Introduction to photography

The first class of January intake was the introduction to photography and learning all the basics you need to understand before getting into the practicals. Gibson who is a commercial photographer was in charge of the introduction class relating to photography with an experience of more than 10 years.

Among the key issues were parts of the camera that helps it function properly and how they are operated. During this class students are given cameras both Nikon and Canon so that once a certain part is mention they are able to see in real time. Some of the parts include Power button, lens, the body, batteries, ISO, White balance, Focus, Shutter button, View finder, Menu among many more.

Camera care was also  discussed where students were taught on how to take care of their cameras so once they want to sell them they will be as new. Through cleaning of the lens once is able to achieve quality pictures without finger prints appearing on the lens. Once you properly maintain your camera you will enjoy longer service and low business running costs since your camera is reliable and nice performance.

Students were also taught on how to handle the cameras while shooting so as to avoid damaging the equipment. A camera strap is very important as a photographer since it helps you hold your camera firm and less chances of misplacing it. Another precaution as a photographer always places your camera in a ventilated areas to avoid fungi on your lenses.

Cleaning your camera is very important as a photographer, this is a precaution that you need to carry more often to ensure your camera is in good situation. There are specific cleaning equipment that is used in cleaning your camera starting from the camera body,the lens as well as other critical parts of the camera. Gibson gave a stun warning for those cleaning their lens using their clothes instead they should buy a special cloth used to clean the lens.

As a photographer you need to invest in storage devices be it memory cards, hard disk and other back equipment to ensure your have enough space for your work. If you don’t have enough space you end up taking little footage limiting you to having sufficient work for creativity.

Mr. Gibson also insisted on ensuring that you buy original equipment and even gave the students a recommendation on where they could buy original equipment. The equipment range from the cameras, Charger, Speed light and Flash, Triggers, Camera Bags and many more. He also gave a stun warning especially on the bags students intend to carry their camera while in the public saying some of the bags attract smugglers.

Finally once you have taken all the precautions as a photographer you need to ensure they take an insurance cover for their equipment. This would help a photographer be compensated if your camera was stolen, it’s very important to insure your equipment at all times.

Story by
Tyson Kiiru

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