How Photographers turned Nairobi National Park into a playing ground

The frame on the wall was almost hitting the floor after I banged the bathroom door…who knew my lazy legs and big head can get-off the floor and hit the air like a jet? I had to save the frame that day. Well, everybody has that one thing that they value and they can do anything to protect them no matter what comes on their way. The falling frame is a masterpiece in its own right. It has a very beautiful image of an elephant’s head with ears protruding on the sides creating a perfect artsy interior for my house. I tell you what, that’s the only piece of art that brings life in my house because of its wildly beauty.

It was a Sunday morning – hangovered, but determined to capture the best moments from the Nairobi National Park because I love the Kenyan pride. I love how the lions and zebras uphold sanity in the capital city, and it’s David Macharia’s dream to celebrate the beauty that Kenya holds in the bush.

“Photography In The Wild is an initiative to create awareness for the fast depletion of wildlife, not only in Kenya but around the world by Versatile School of Photography and Versatile Adventures. The main objective is to encourage the society to be part of the conservation narrative by telling stories through the lens while engaging in fun activities.” David Macharia, the CEO and Founder of Versatile Photographers wrote.

Now, this is how photographers turned the Nairobi National Park into a playing ground…

The Nairobi National Park….


A lioness having breakfast…


What you can do at the Picnic site when you visit the Nairobi National Park


Project: Photography in the Wild and Photography for Conservation

Location: Nairobi National Park

Kenyan Story thanks Versatile Adventures, Kenya Wildlife Service and BigFoot Adventures for the facilitation

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Stunning photos of the Zebras at The Nairobi National Park

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