The day started in exhilaration at 6.00 AM where our students gathered in Uhuru Park’s viewpoint to capture the beautiful sunrise over Nairobi. As soon as everyone arrived, one of our tutors Gibson Maina familiarized himself with the students so as to allow more engagement. He then took them through camera basics before they got a chance to document the amazing emerging of the sun across Nairobi
city. Once they were done, breakfast was organized for them as transportation was prepared for the
next venue.

By mid morning, we were all at the lush Evergreen Gardens which we have a partnership with for our outdoor practical sessions. The incredulous joy of the students was obvious from the look of their faces. Gibson Maina went ahead to use practical scenarios such as wedding where the bride and her parents are walking into the church so as to teach about focus. The students got to practice as the school also provides cameras for them to have firsthand experience as they learn theory.

They were also taught how to track movement through a concept called ‘panning’ which is basically being able to freeze a subject’s movement while they are moving. One of the students was asked to run and the rest took photos in an attempt to ‘pan’ her movement. Next, they got to practice shooting each other after being taught how to modify lighting when shooting outdoors through use of a speed light, reflector and scrim.

Lastly, David Macharia introduced himself to the students before teaching them about posing. He had one of the students pose on a seat and he took photos for them to see how various traditional posing rules are effective when working as a photographer. The students also took turns to photograph their friend and get feedback from Macharia. It was an engaging session where students were being corrected on set and they were able to keep trying until they get the best shot.

Most of the afternoon was used to practice what they had learnt. They were instructed to go around Evergreen Gardens and take photos of each other using the tips they had learnt from the two tutors. They spread out and some even took photos with the horses around as some got next to the water and the boats. After one or so hours of a practical session, they were allowed to have their lunch.

The evening session were more of a review of what they were done. They were asked to submit their best photos taken that day. These were then projected on a TV Screen and Gibson Maina went through
them while correcting their mistakes and advising them on how to improve the craft. To say the least, it was a fun day well spent. These students will make some of the best photographers in the world thanks to the unique approach that the school uses for their eight-weeks’ course.

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