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You are seated in the office punching all the papers besides your computer; your colleagues are busy having a good time at their desks – probably they are watching a funny YouTube Vine, or may be talking about you. On the other end, your boss is busy flipping the pages of The People’s Daily after every minute…boredom signs. Ideally, this is a glimpse of an office environment which can be used to fade in an amazing narrative.


Imagine an office where everybody has a professional camera, and each employee can take breathtaking pictures. These photos can definitely uplift a company’s brand a notch higher, it implies that every candid or sad moment will be an authentic trait in any advert or infomercial documented by an organization.

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In Kenya, most companies always approach traditional media houses if they want to run an advert. Now, these adverts are very expensive and few people take them seriously since they interrupt daily shows. However, the expenses can be reduced if a company does all the marketing on the go.


“We have a million ‘Likes’ on Instagram! How about that?” This kind of talk should be the headline in every company’s sales department since the world is turning visual. Essentially, every company wants to create a positive relation on digital platforms. A good example is Kenya Commercial Bank. The bank has amazing photos used on their social networks, and each photo tells a story about a specific product they are offering as an institution.


So, do you want to be better? Do you want your brand to be better than the rest? Versatile Photographers is offering Photography classes for companies; whether big or small. These classes are specifically tailored for different companies, hence to suit their specific needs. For example, a company that deals with tours and travel will have an introductory class covering Wildlife Photography.


The classes are practical and covers all the basic photography requirements. In addition, our facilitators have years of experience in the field which is very important for any upcoming photographer.

Testimonials from our previous classes

Anne Kamau
The training was off the hook. We learnt a lot and we are hoping to have another training on photography and videography maybe towards the end of February or mid-March. Our questions were well addressed and we are happy for the good job done by Versatile. We would also be interested to join the photography and video classes.
Thank you Versatile!

I work at the office of the Auditor General in the communication department. I am also a graphic designer. I must say we used to encounter challenges with the quality of our photos and it was agreed that we would look for a reputable company in photography. We contracted Versatile Photographers and outlined the areas in photography that we wanted to be addressed. They did not disappoint. They started from the basics to the critical areas in photography at the same time outlining the areas that we were doing it the wrong way. We also had some practical sessions and we learnt how to capture good photos in a dark room and how to take good shots without interrupting the activities in the room. Our questions where adequately answered and even though the training took a whole day, we felt that the session was short. With constant practice, my photos are now better, most importantly; I know how to use my camera and be creative– in an artistic and technically proficient way. I highly recommend Versatile School of Photography. You will learn and you will love it.

Anne Rose
It was a very educative session and really fun too. We learnt a lot and practiced how to improve our image quality. I must say our pictures are much better and we look forward to more training sessions.


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