Versatile Mentorship

Versatile Mentorship Workshop Nakuru.

Due to the change of job market in Kenya. Many young people are graduating from college and unable to secure a sustainable job in the current job market. They have have amazing ideas and the just need a helping hand that can package them to a business that can meet global market standards.

David Macharia a renowned photographer and Sammy Kamau a Makeup artist are willing to share their journey and advice these young people on how they can improve their creative skills.

They will share their skills in makeup and photography and everyone is welcome to come and experience the different services which include:- Family portraits, maternity photoshoot, baby photoshoot, and portfolio making.

This will take place at Oleken Hotel Nakuru whereby we have secured two conference rooms for makeup and photography training.

Following is the program of the event:

Day One: 22nd February 2019.

Photography Business.
– Introduction to different genres of photography.
– Business in portrait photography and events.

Makeup and Skin care.
– Know your skin type
– Common skin problems.
– Makeup products knowledge.
– Product ingredients.
– Basis makeup application.

Day Two: 23rd February 2019
Introduction to creative economy.
– Personal branding for creatives.
– How to run, Operate and market a sustainable creative business.
– Open forum and networking.

Day Three 24th February 2019.
Photoshoot and Makeup.
– Family portraits.
– Portfolios
– Mounts & frames.

Versatile Photographers

Evolution Of Photography In Africa

Evolution Of photography In Africa

Photography is a way of describing things, a way to express yourself and to show people how you feel. It is one of the most revolutionary additions to the advancement of human artistic expression since the days of black and white photos and today colored photos. In Africa we have the opportunity to tell our own stories in a unique way. Photography has been made easy with the use of smart phones, everyone is now a photographer. Its high time we learn how to capture images that create emotions and tell a story.

Versatile Photographers journey started during the film cameras. With the little resources we had, such as internet we adapted to the new technology. Digital cameras has made us to learn more about information technology to be able to use software that make our work stand out in commercial, portraits, Fashion, wildlife, events, conceptual and architectural photography.

Recently, we have invested in cameras that have wifi to enable us share our images in real time.

The Front Interior of our New studio at village Market 2nd Floor.

The Vintage Night presents the Evolution of photography hosted by Versatile Photographers at Village Market. Versatile photographers is celebrating a big milestone, a lifetime achievement as you get an opportunity to Network, Interact, share your business ideas, learn professional skills from corporates, existing businesses, and be introduced to the New Photography World.

Versatile Photographers

Versatile Photographers won the Most Innovative Photographer 2018 award in Kenya during the 2018 Business Excellence Awards. We have several innovations since we started and we look forward to partner with more professionals, governments, private sector and NGOs. Following are some of the ongoing projects.

Trophy awarded to Versatile Photographers for being the most innovative

Versatile school of photography

Versatile school of photography, which won the Best Photography school during the Kenya Wedding Industry Awards has produced creative whom lives has been transformed. We believe that everyone should be fully equipped and capable of exploring their world to find what is good in it, capture it and use it to tell a story that inspires others.

The major part of our course is practical assignments and photography projects to ensure you have refined and portfolio-worthy photographic skills by the time you complete the course.

The Versatile School of Photography won the Best school of photography award during the Kenya Wedding Industry Awards

Versatile Adventures

Versatile Adventures creates awareness of the fast depletion of wildlife and positively mobilizes people to join the conservation revolution through content generation using photography, videography and articles based on wildlife and their natural environment

There is an event which happens every month at Nairobi National Park, dubbed #PhotographyInTheWild a partnership between Versatile School Of Photography, Kenya Wildlife Service, Bigfoot Adventures, Camera Kenya, Hafla Events, Negesa Trails and Shish Events Kenya. David Macharia offers training on photography skills. During the Vintage Night there will be tickets to be won for #PhotographyInTheWild and you will get to have an experience of the wild animals, learn their behavior and wildlife ethics.

A team of Photographers, hobbyists, conservationists and tour guides during the #PhotographyInTheWild

 Versatile Art Gallery

Versatile Art Gallery is a collective of exclusive images captured in Kenya. The art gallery was established from the Worth More Alive campaign 2016 of the ivory burning which was participated by world leaders who are against poaching. Images are captured by local photographers and the sales made from the images sponsors a needy student at Versatile School Of Photography. You can support the project by buying a piece of art.

The Versatile Art Gallery at Hazina Towers branch in Nairobi CBD

Africa Stock Images

Africa Stock Images is a stock photo company aimed at enabling photographers and designers around the continent to showcase, tell stories and sell their creativity about Africa through our platform. Africa Stock Images is not only a company but a market platform that gives the world the taste of the African way of life. We are focused on delivering to our customers the best content available from our premium quality images.

One of our authentic African image with african people for sale for commercial purpose.

Versatile TV

 Versatile TV is a platform that engages different clusters of people in different niches in life by telling their story through photography and video. We focus on three areas that is; Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Mentorship programs. Many iconic businessmen in Africa have made it despite various hardships and the challenges never crumbled their vision and persistence in what they believed in. Lets transform lives through mentorship.

Eric Muriithi, CEO Blaze consulting offers business etiquette and soft skills.

Versatile Etiquette

Versatile Etiquette is a team of photographers and make up artists who teamed up their artistry to produce priceless images.  Make up artist apply and teach how to apply professional make-up to individuals. They also offer masterclass to upcoming make up artist who want to venture into weddings, glamour, special effects and Tv production. We also offer soft skills training in entrepreneurship, personal branding and business etiquette.

Sammy Kamau, our lead make up artist applying make-up in our state of art studio during a photo shoot.


Versatile Creative Hub

Finally, creative meet corporate. Versatile Creative Hub is a platform where creative minds come together to solve a problem in this trendy time of new technology. For so many years, corporate has operated with complex structures and due to technology like social media, they have no choice but to adapt the changing times.

This is where most young people fall in where they bring their creative skills to solve a problem. The Hub hosts photographers, designers, creative directors, film makers, make-up artists, event planners and any other creative category. With the new business trends, technology has created new jobs that are not yet in our formal school curriculum, Versatile Creative Hub creates a platform to learn these skills.

We have partnered with professionals such as Pepp Talk, LifeLine International, CateChris Limited to offer training in soft skills, personal branding, financial literacy, entrepreneurship among others. Membership fee is Ksh3,000 which include membership card, collective bargaining, mentorship, workshop and listing of your business in our website portal.


David Macharia, one of the main mentors of entrepreneurship to upcoming creatives

Asili Yetu (Coffee Table book)

David Macharia is a Creative lead Photographer at Versatile Photographers. His passion to wildlife photography started as soon as he learnt photography skills. His work has been nominated for several awards. Don’t miss this event as he launches his first book Asili Yetu and share his photography journey how to capture images that tells a story.

Here is the link to details about the Coffee Book.

The Asili Yetu Afrika coffee book entails the life, behavior and ethics of the wild animals in Kenya which is available on order.


David will host an exhibition of his exclusive Images for auction during the event. The images are printed in high quality canvas and Frames. All proceeds go towards raising funds for the #PhotographyInTheWild and Versatile School of Photography projects. The project is a teamwork of photographers, bloggers, designers, event planers and tour guides.

David’s Macharia exclusive images exhibited at Nairobits Go-down centre. 


To be part of the event, Book your ticket by Wednesday 4th July, 2018.

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Kerren Irungu

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Note: Sponsorship & Booking deadline dates are 30th June, 2018- The earlier your sponsorship the more the chances of visibility before the show. Get in touch with us for more informa on.

To be part of the event, book your ticket before Wednesday and support Versatile Photographers.

Note;Every ticket purchased, will help a student in need at Versatile School of Photography.

Starter Pack for Budding Entrepreneurs

GoDown Arts Centre is one of a kind Centre in east Africa that host both visual and performing arts. GoDown arts center is located along Dunga road in the Industrial area in Nairobi. The compound is the is the reality of its description the GoDown arts Centre walls were filled with a mix of arts and glass objects, However our main concern was the entrepreneurs hub which facilitates training in graphics and web designing .The Nairobits entrepreneurs hub a amazing class set up with adequate computers for everyone. It is actually a media lab.

When we got to Nairobits Entrepreneurs’ Hub the presentiments of the forum were visible. The students at Nairobits had already set up awaiting the guest speaker, David Macharia who is the visionary behind Versatile Photographers. They hurriedly left their desks and convened waiting to hear from the day’s speaker. Minutes later a way forward was given by the speaker for introduction to take place.All the students were tackling the web and graphic designing whereas others did the web designing and it happened that somewhere doing both courses which mainly entangles product design. After a brief introduction Mr. David Macharia gave hints to the budding entrepreneurs as a starter pack in order to be able to tackle the business world from a distinctive angle compared to others. For starters in the business world, visibility is key. They were advised to have a word press account, a website also termed as an online portfolio where creativity and uniqueness are key. This is meant to enhance ones visibility through consistency in marketing.

When one is starting any journey there should be a strategy that have been set up, one should have a vision and be able to understand where they are headed. For starters it is always good to have a mentor who is a guide in the business world this mentor should always have long time experience so that it is easy when it arrives at offering guidelines. Apart from having a mentor it is really advisable for one to join both local and global forums so as to have a hint of what is expected and to always be updated as per the market demands it also brings about uniqueness since one is able to do what the other or the majority of the people are not doing. As much as one is willing to be unique from the rest it is always advisable to know understand and deliver as per the requirement by a specific client (KYC).

For starters who doesn’t have capital they should always look for a side propel so as to achieve their dreams, like acquiring good equipment. Always make sure you are having security be it financial security and especially when issues might arise like theft or damage of property or be it any kind of emergency, this gives one peace of mind. Creative should have a room for research because technology keeps changing have self awareness and almost make the right choices since the choice you make is what determines what kind of a person you want to be.

It is obligatory to have proper rapport with the people around you especially the clients so that no problem arises from lack of understanding or clarity of the developed communication all in all always be humble and ready to learn, it is advisable to appreciate positive feedback or commendations as well as critiques. Despite all the up and down it is always advisable to celebrate your success with others so that it serves as an inspiration to them, with that you can always recognize the effort made by others. One’s effort should not be a threat either way it should be up to you to help them succeed and improve. All well said, we received testimonials of the session from the students and trust me they all gave positive feedback.

The forum to them was an eye opener.Through such forums Mr. David Macharia a visionary and the lead creative Photographer at Versatile Photographers have served as an inspiration to the younger generation and the society at large.